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Roof Repair, Restoration, Preventative Maintenance - Bay County Roof


Secure your property and your investment through the Bay County Roof Maintenance Program and we’ll handle the maintenance checks for you.

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Roof Repair, Restoration, & Preventative Maintenance

Have you discovered a roof leak? Are you seeing bubbled shingles or missing tiles in your roof system? Contact us TODAY to get your structure back to full strength and water-tight.

Save time and money with a maintenance plan that will identify and repair any damage or deterioration helping to extend the life of your roof while maintaining your roof’s long-term warranty.

Preventative Maintenance Quick Tips

Perform inspections at least twice a year or as required by the guarantee.

It’s best to inspect your roof at the end of winder and the end of summer when it has gone through the most thermal stress.

Conduct inspections immediately after unusual occerrences such as heavy rains, high winds, hail, nearby fires, etc.

Watch your roof for trouble spots, and clear away any debris or contaminants on a regular basis. This includes unclogging drains in the spring and fall.

Keep a file of all records, inspection reports, and activity related to your roof.

Get a Free Estimate For Your Project